Defunct is a celebration of what is over, & what isn’t yet. We’re mourning. We’re functioning. Let’s show the world what we want & need through what we’ve lost.

Punk’s not dead, punk’s not dead. We’re punk. We’re funky. We can be fancy when we want to. Our contributors bring back the dead, salvage the past, reveal their obsessions. We’re interested in questioning functional systems that no longer serve us, and broadcasting voices that have been told they don’t belong. Send us your manifestos, speculations, elegies, reincarnations, ars poeticas, recipes, & what we haven’t realized we want, yet. Enliven us.  

NO ACTUAL SIN is the third volume in the May Day Chapbook Series, chosen by the editors of Defunct magazine. It was designed, illustrated, hand-printed and stitched by May Day Studio, Montpelier, Vermont, using Adobe Garamond digital types. The cover is letterpress-printed from photopolymer plates on Boxcar Flurry. Interior pages digitally printed on Mohawk Paper by First Step Print Shop, Underhill, Vermont. Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered by the author.

Defunct Magazine